The Electronic Lover

an audio opera by Lisa Mezzacappa & Beth Lisick

Episodes 3 & 4 – Credits

June 25, 2021
Lisa Mezzacappa



Karina Denike (Joan, aka Talkin’ Lady)
Michelle Amador (Margot, aka GoGo)
Katy Stephan (Frankie, aka Friday)
Melody Jeune Ferris (Theresa, aka T-Rex)
Nikola Printz (Susan, aka Miz Stacks)
David James (Garrison, aka Buck)
Aurora Josephson (choir)
Danishta Rivero (choir)
David Katz (choir)

Steve Blum (synth & keyboard)
Jordan Glenn (drums & percussion)
Lisa Mezzacappa (bass)

Beth Lisick (narrator)


Recorded and mixed by John Finkbeiner at New, Improved Recording, Oakland CA, with additional engineering by Ian Pellicci. Episode 3 narration recorded by Eli Crews at Spillway Sound, Marbletown, New York.

Podcast logo design by Oakland artist Dan Nelson.

The Electronic Lover is co-created by Lisa Mezzacappa, who composed the music, and Beth Lisick, who wrote the libretto.

The story is based on an article by Lindsy van Gelder. 

The show is co-produced by Lisa Mezzacappa and the Paul Dresher Ensemble, which commissioned episodes 2 through 9.


Episodes 3 & 4 were created with support from the Gerbode Foundation, InterMusic SF, and the City of Berkeley Civic Arts Program.

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